Pricing and Pet Waste Plans

No Contracts, No Money Upfront!
Top Dog Pet Waste Removal offers easy and affordable pet waste solutions near Oakland County, Macomb County, and Algonac, MI. If your yard hasn't been cleaned lately, an initial clean-up fee might apply. Please call us to receive a free phone estimate at 810-512-8151. We offer competitive rates for a service that will prove to be invaluable. We can clean up on a weekly, monthly or bi-weekly basis for your convenience.
Price per clean up for residential service:
# Of Dogs Once a Week Twice a Week Every Other Week
1 $10 $8.50 $18
2 $12 $10 $22
3 $14 $12 $28 Not Recommended
4 $16.50 $13 $29 Not Recommended
5 $17.50 $15 Not Recommended
Additional Considerations
  • Above rates are based on half-acre yard
  • We do not charge extra for large breeds.
  • 10 percent senior citizens discounts
  • Incentives for referrals also are available; just ask us.
If you’ve never tried a service like the one offered by Top Dog Pet Waste Removal Service, just imagine never having to dispose of pet waste again and then call us for a free estimate on your property clean-up.
White and Brown Colored Pit bull — Pet Waste Removal Services in Algonac, MI